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Human Rights Violation in Bolivia
The case of defunct Mr. Árpád Magyarosi,
accused by plot against the President of Bolivia

Dear Madam / Sir,

As you may know from the world press, on the 16th of April 2009. in Bolivia, the town of Santa Cruz, in the Hotel Las Americas, 3 European citizens were killed and 2 captured by the Bolivian special forces, UTARC. The persons killed were Mr. Eduardo Rózsa Flores - Hungarian, Mr. Martin Dwyer- Ireland and Mr. Árpád Magyarosi- Romanian citizen. The two captured, and held in detention under inhumane conditions are Mr. Előd Tóásó- Hungarian, and Mr. Tadic-Croatian. The five persons were attacked by the police on the allegations of organizing a plot agains Mr. Evo Morales, the President of Bolivia, latterly changed to plot an armed internal revolt against Bolivia. The persons imprisoned are not officially accused by anything, no evidence were shown to them, they are just held in prison.

Shortly, the death of Mr. Árpád Magyarosi, contrary to what was stated in the Bolivian press, was not caused by hypovolemia (shock caused by loss of blood), but by suffocation from blood (blood inhalation), caused by the two 5,56x45mm NATO FMJ steel core bullet shot at his torso in from very close distance. In general, none of his wounds were lethal, he could have survived by minimal medical aid (sucking out the blood from his trachea). He died slowly, the agony beeing longer more than 30 minutes!

Following the findings of the Hungarian autopsy report - public document - , alltogether he received 7 shots. The first three from the front, to his upper arm, in a 90 degree horizontal position, bullets travelling in his arm, from the elbow to the shoulder, and braking bones. He holded his hands showing the sign of capitulation, whilst receiving the shots. We recovered one bullet fragment from his shoulder. This was probably the first group of shots, he received during or after his capture. The police forces entered his room peacefully (or let in by himself or by key) as we observed no visible damage on the photographs taken on his hotel room door next day by local press and police. Then he was brutally handcuffed by a plastic string handcuff. Then he was beaten up by fist, by rifle stock and by boot on multiple occasions. His nose was broken, his head, and neck at the back injured and the body over his kidneys, at the back. Probably, whilst lying on the floor, with the right hand wounded (he was left handed), he received the above mentioned two shots to his upper body, from right side to left. Also he received one shot from right to left, to his hip, hitting his sitting bone an paralyzing him. The last shot he received from behind, from back to the front, into his shoulder. We suspect, that this was aimed to be to in his neck or spine cord.

There can be any time gaps between the shots, (except for the lung shots evidently) and even the actual crime scenes may vary.

We did not find gunpowder residue on his hands, nor usual skin injuries from pistol automatic reloading.

We have in our hands his autopsy report, which is a public EU document in Hungary, in Hungarian. Romanian and Spanish translations are also available.

Arpad was invited for a 1-month visit to Bolivia by his friend from his childhood, Toaso Elod now in prison. He was a teacher and a university student here in Hungary and he was studying at a second university, too. He bought his own ticket on his own money. He arrived to Viru Viru airport (Santa Cruz) at 23 febr. 2009. About his personality: he was very calm, with high knowledge in arts, was a teacher, he could not and would not commit either in his head anything he is accused of!

Please help me to find out the truth!
Help me to find out the justice!
Help me to find out the criminals!

Yours sincerely
Tóth Mária
Mother of Árpád

IBAN: HU06 11775056 41238013 00000000

Árpád Magyarosi fue ejecutado en Bolivia!

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